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Science & Art

My lab has been privileged to host artists from around the world, as a participant of the Ayatana Artist’s Research Program. The Ayatana Artist's Research Program facilitates science learning opportunities for artists. Ayatana’s goal is to support the conceptual development of contemporary art and to bridge gaps between scientists, artists and thinkers of all kinds. Together we meet experts, peek behind the scenes and ask questions about the nature of ecology. We hope to help artists direct the attention of their viewers to the natural world. 

Here are some pictures of their visits to my lab and the greenhouse:

pasted image 0 (1).png
unnamed (3).png
unnamed (2).jpg

Photography & Art

The beauty of nature inspires me, and I have always been particularly fascinated by the often unseen beauty of small creatures, plants, and fungi. Here are some images I love, in most cases taken from my own backyard in Ottawa, Canada.

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