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Exploring the potential of stillage to enhance plant growth

Stillage is a waste product generated during the fermentation of milk permeate  to produce the high-quality ethanol that is used by Dairy Distillery to make Vodkow. Rich in organic content, and vital mineral nutrients such as phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium, stillage has excellent potential as a novel green fertilizer. We have partnered with Dairy Distillery and our uOttawa colleagues led by Dr. Alexandre Poulain to investigate how best stillage might be exploited to promote the growth of various edible (and inedible) plants.  By recycling stillage into a fertilizer that improves our soils, we hope to reduce costs associated with fermentation and also  to improve our environment.

Jess & Cucumbers.jpg

This project has been jointly funded by Dairy Distillery, NSERC Alliance, and a VIP grant from the Ontario Centre for Innovation

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