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Mina Nasr-Sharif, MSc

My project aimed to understand the involvement of plant-defence associated genes in regulating the beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. Using a reverse genetics approach, defence genes of interest were screened for an altered symbiosis phenotype. Additionally, the promoter activities of select defence genes were visualized to provide valuable insights into their spatial and temporal expression patterns. Implications of this study are important for further discovering how the two partners in this ecologically significant mutualism interact with each other.



We are grateful to the many undergraduate students who have helped support our research as volunteers, thesis students, UROP/NSERC scholars, and co-op students.

Monique Power

(UROP/NSERC/Thesis student)

Dominique Daniels

(Co-op/Thesis student)

Alexander Gutierrez

(Thesis student)

Tea Backlund

(Co-op/Thesis student)

Erika  Znamenski

(UROP scholar)

Abraham Wan

(UROP scholar)

Mairéad Green

(UROP scholar)

Daniel Gariano

(Thesis student)

Emily Gallipeau


Adwait Deshmukh

(volunteer/Michaelle Jean Community Service Learning)

Julia Miles

(volunteer/ Thesis student)

Kyla Duff

(Thesis student)

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